The Pioneers of Offshore Engineering

GustoMSC is an independent and reputable design & engineering company of mobile offshore units and associated equipment. In close cooperation with our clients, we translate experience, science and technical knowledge into realistic & innovative ideas. The performance of new and existing jack-ups, vessels and semi-submersibles is further optimized by our operational support and engineering consultancy. In this way, GustoMSC enables and supports safe and efficient operations at sea, contributing to a sustainable future.

Our technical know-how and excellent problem-solving skills are key to the success of our company. We aim for cooperation with our clients to try and understand their challenges and help them with our expertise in a commercially aware and customer-focused manner. We are reliable and act with integrity in everything we do, we give and accept constructive feedback and communicate clearly and with respect for each other.
Our company culture is characterized as no-nonsense: we generate solutions and improvements by focusing on a high quality end result and we seek to achieve this in the most realistic, sensible and practical way. We recognize opportunities and have the creativity and the courage to formulate new solutions or improvements to address these issues. We do not stop until we have delivered on our commitments but we always remain within the GustoMSC working ethics. Thus contributing to a constant development of our company and the client.

Text and photo: courtesy of GustoMSC