Core values

How we do it, how we see it

We are experts for experts. We strive to be leading in recruitment & project support for our clients in the renewable energy, oil & gas, and offshore & maritime industry. Challenging markets, challenging conditions. That is what we like. We want to be preferred supplier and earn the respect of our clients. We work together to completely comprehend and meet their needs. Our working style is transparent and flexible. Our people and our personable approach are the foundation of our success. We want to make a difference. Always and everywhere. We go the extra mile.

Our company adheres to the following core values:

  • We are typical ‘Rotterdams’
  • We have the ‘fe’male touch
  • We provide hands-on experience & service-minded approach
  • We provide tailor-made services & solid solutions
  • We are matchmakers and caretakers
  • We make it happen!
  • Small things make a big difference
  • The door is always open
  • Your success is our success

Experts for experts

How we work

“Over the past 20 years, our work and the offshore industry have evolved dramatically. What remains unchanged is M Restart’s commitment to a personal approach. Truly connecting with people stands as our timeless priority.”

Monique van der Palm Managing Director & Owner

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We make it work.

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