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We are experts dedicated to supporting experts, leading in recruitment and project support within the renewable energy, oil & gas, and offshore & maritime industries. Our aim is to meet the unique challenges of these sectors and become the trusted partner of our clients by understanding and fulfilling their needs. Our foundation is built on transparency, adaptability, and a personalized approach, emphasizing the continuous self-renewal of our candidates through the #renyouable philosophy. This focus ensures they’re always equipped to meet the evolving demands of their industries.

Committed to making a real difference, we go above and beyond, living our core values:

  • Inspired by the can-do attitude of Rotterdam
  • Committed to providing expert, service-oriented solutions
  • Specializing in customized services and reliable outcomes
  • Skilled in connecting the right people with the right roles
  • Driven by a ‘make it happen’ attitude
  • Believers in the power of small gestures to inspire significant change
  • Always welcoming, with an open-door policy
  • Your success is the measure of our success


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“To find the right match, we take a different path. We get the job done quickly, and face challenges head-on, and always care for our people. We're not just matchmakers; we're caretakers.”

Christa Wagemakers Manager Operations

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