Quality management

Because our fiscal services comply with laws and regulations and we demonstrate that we are in control of our tax processes and tax risks, M Restart is allowed to offer horizontal monitoring.

The Dutch tax authorities sign individual contracts with businesses that handle their entire administrative chain, from transaction to declaration and assessment. These contracts contain arrangements regarding the manner and intensity of monitoring. M Restart has signed this compliance agreement.

Where vertical monitoring is based on checking retrospectively, horizontal monitoring is a form of working in the present based on mutual trust, understanding and transparency between the enterprise and the Dutch tax authorities. In other words: both parties will work together.

M Restart has been granted the following certificates: ISO 9001, VCU, NEN 4400-1, MLC 2006.

M Restart is a member of IRO, The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry and Offshore Renewable Industry.

We improve quality To meet your requirements
We improve quality To meet your requirements