Structural Engineer


The Senior Project Engineer is responsible for the engineering process: quality of work performed within the discipline, coordinating advanced discipline studies and maintaining/improving knowledge, processes and tools pertaining to the discipline. This includes steering personal development of Project Engineers. The coordination of research and development activities pertaining to the discipline also falls to the Senior Project Engineer.
A Senior Project Engineer is also expected to perform Project Engineer work. This concerns engineering activities to prepare our heavy transport and lift projects and provide (on site) support during project execution.


  • Give advice on subjects pertaining to the engineering discipline.
  • Responsible for quality of engineering work performed by Project Engineers.
  • Responsible for coordination and quality or advanced discipline studies.
  • Performing work as Project Engineer.


  • Monitoring the Engineering process and identify any need for further improvement of the process and to advise the General Manager Projects accordingly.
  • Identifying the need to upgrade or develop tools and software related to the Engineering process and to take the lead in this process.
  • Maintaining the Engineering Standards and Work Instructions and to identify any need for changes and ensure the correct application of these Standards and Work Instructions.
  • Monitoring people’s performance, identifying the need for training and further personal development and to advise the General Manager Projects accordingly.
  • Understanding of business processes, how these impact various disciplines and vice versa.
  • Give input on companywide developments and performance indicators.
  • Lead, participate and/or advise large scale structural design projects and workgroups.
  • Assist and supervise project engineers, graduate students, and work students.
  • Coordinate and review work for graduate students and work students.
  • Formulate suitable project descriptions for traineeships and student theses.


Education level

  • Master’s or bachelor’s degree in Maritime/ Mechanical/ Civil Engineering or other relevant degree.
  • Specialized in Structural Mechanics.
  • Or relevant work experience in a similar field pertaining to the above-described work content.

Level of expertise

  • Preferably 10 years of work experience.
  • Professional knowledge of own discipline and related engineering disciplines.
  • Extensive knowledge of DNV-ST- N001 and/or similar rules and regulations from other classification societies is desirable.
  • Familiar with the following specific discipline content:
    • FEA calculations (preferably using FEMAP)
    • Classical and advanced mechanics, e.g. buckling, welding (preferably using Nauticus Hull, FEMAP or SDC Verifier if applicable)
    • Structural designing and verifications, e.g. of grillages, cradles, lifting tools etc.
  • CAD designing (preferably SolidWorks or AutoCAD)