Shift Welder Foreman (Heerema)


For our client Heerema, who is experienced in the Maritime Offshore industry, we are looking for a Shift Welder Foreman!


The Shift Welder Foreman is in charge of specialised personnel whose activities include welding, flame cutting, plating and assembling of prepared construction parts. He delegates the assigning of tasks to the Welder Foreman and supervises the overall progress of the work.

Your main tasks will be:

  • Prepare with the Field Engineer the plans for fabrication en erection of welded structures, including methods, techniques and dimensional control;
  • Assure that all structures can be fabricated and assembled to dimensions within specified tolerances;
  • Organise and supervise the assigned welding activities in such a way that the welded product meets the requirements and is ready for NDE testing;
  • Familiarise himself thoroughly and timely with the project;
  • Ensure that all welding personnel is adequately informed and familiar with their assignment;
  • Adhere to all safe working and QA/SHE related procedures;
  • Use materials and equipment in the correct manner;
  • When directed, organise execution of welder qualifications and verify existing certificates on validity;
  • Perform and report dimensional control surveys;
  • Ensure welders allocation is maintained for QC purposes;
  • Together with the Welder Foreman, monitor the performance of the welding crew and report to the Assistant Superintendent;
  • Monitor and report the overall progress of the work;
  • Ensure proper shift hand-over;
  • Initiate the preparation of a Permit to Work when conditions require this;
  • Interrupt, suspend and correct unsafe conditions or activities at the work site under his supervision;
  • Direct the Welder Foreman;
  • Reject welded work that does not meet the requirements and have it corrected.


  • MTS or equivalent;
  • Sound knowledge of welding techniques;
  • Welding Safety training;
  • Reading of technical drawings;
  • Fluent in Dutch and English language verbally and in writing;
  • Minimum of 3 years experience as Welder Foreman.