Lead Expeditor – Mechanical



Responsible for timely delivery of purchased items. Scope of work typically comprises:

  • Review and follow up progress of main and sub deliveries
  • Follow up submittal and review of vendor documentation
  • Coordinating field expediting activities and follow up actions based on field expediting reports
  • Identify and anticipate issues that might affect timely delivery and recommend corrective actions
  • Responsible from purchase order issuance up to and including the release for shipment (RFS) which indicates a scope of work is completed, packed and ready for collection by the logistics department. Post delivery expediting might be required if and when requested by the Package Manger.
  • Maintain and organize your scope of work in the MMS (material management system) to ensure transparency and proper monitoring of work. These activities include mainly:


  • Follow up notes
    • Shipment cards
    • Forecast supplier delivery dates
    • VPR schedule
    • Field expediting schedule
    • Sub Supplier tracker
    • KOM schedule


  • Liaise with the Operations Support Coordinator-Expediting to ensure the Project Execution Plans are implemented and applied by the Expediting team(s). Guide and stir the process within the expediting team to meet project expectations and coordinate deliverables to internal stakeholders.


  • Assignment or packages will be namely of criticality A,B to align with the experience and technical knowledge required of the Lead Project Expeditor.
  • Participate in package gate meetings when applicable (KOM, Design, Procurement, Pre-fabrication, Testing and Release for shipment).
  • Organize and possible chair KOM for your packages.
  • Review manufacturing schedules, documentation schedules and quality control plans to Identify milestones and a critical path
  • Closely monitor sub orders, review and challenge purchase orders to ensure compliance with the overall schedule.
  • Coordinate and assign Field Expeditors to main and sub vendors.
  • In agreement with the Package Manager, coordinate and schedule the frequency of Vendor Progress Reports.
  • Monitor and chase vendor inspection notifications to ensure witness and hold points are taking place as per overall schedule.
  • Review shipping documentation from Vendors prior to formally releasing the materials for collection.
  • After PO issue, liaise with the vendor to align expectations and ensure PO requirements are understood.
  • Maintain information of your scope of purchase orders in the Expediting Worksheet to ensure information is up to date and the Material Status Report is reliable.
  • Assist the Package Managers in closing out ‘Outstanding, Shortages and Damage’ reports if necessary.
  • Perform field expediting visits when recommended/requested.
  • Work closely and in synergy with the Package Manager. Tasks might be delegated to the Lead Project Expeditor to act on behalf of the Package Manager.




  • Advanced knowledge and understanding of various manufacturing processes.
  • Fluent English, additional languages are a bonus.
  • Persistent and enthusiastic, able to deal with difficult situations with diplomacy.
  • Understanding on how to read and review document schedules, manufacturing schedules and ITPs. Capable to challenge and highlight discrepancies and areas of improvement.
  • Advance experience with MMS systems.
  • Fluent in Microsoft office suite.
  • Advanced understanding of logistics processes and INCOTERMS.


  • Minimum 7+ years of Expediting Experience in Oil & Gas in a combination of or all the following material disciplines:


  • Mechanical rotating
    • Static equipment
    • Mooring/Marine equipment
    • Miscellaneous equipment


  • College degree education or equivalent.
  • Previous experience working in manufacturing, planning or engineering is a plus
  • 7+ years experience working on EPC projects
  • Proven experience in Field Expediting
  • Experience working in multicultural environments.