CAD Engineer (x2)


About the position:

  • The CAD Engineer draws civil and offshore constructions, calculates quantities with the aid of a CAD system, and describes working methods (storyboards);
  • The CAD Engineer plays a pro-active and independent role in tender / project teams;
  • Draw civil and offshore constructions and work methods (using storyboards) according to the internally agreed standards for CAD drawing;
  • Review (Discipline check) of drawing work;
  • Optimize, update, create 3D models and calculate quantities for civil and offshore constructions;
  • Design (including first estimate of structure dimensions, plate thicknesses and weld specifications) of simple steel structures based on technical specifications and project plan;
  • Identification of missing or incorrect information; advising on optimization of designs within teams; suggesting alternative solutions in the design process;
  • Prepare and/or create animations in order to give insight into processes and constructions for internal and/or external use. Coaching and mentoring less experienced colleagues, including advice on the use of tools/applications;
  • Drive continuous improvement and stimulate innovative ideas;
  • Pro-actively share knowledge in all phases of projects. Tasks related to periodic reviewing and updating of drawing templates and CAD department roadmaps;
  • Ensure that all work carried out is in compliance with company design, safety, quality, environmental and procedural standards.



  • At least 5 years relevant work experience Extensive experience/knowledge of AutoCAD/Inventor;
  • Good command of English (written and spoken) Ability to collaborate with others to solve problems;
  • Good people management skills;
  • Good knowledge of the operational process of the company and advanced knowledge of WoW and NINA.


  • Higher Professional Education level (Technical Mechanical Engineering)

Skills and Experience:

  • Required skills: Autocad, Offshore, Engineering
  • Additional skills: Mentoring, optimization, project plan, technical specifications, Autocad


  • The candidate should speak Dutch and English fluently.

Describe day to day activities:
Providing support as Sr. CAD Engineer to ├śrsted OWF Project. Skilled in Autodesk AutoCAD and Inventor with experience in offshore projects. The candidate will be part of a draughting team of about 6 members. Cooperation and communication are key competences for the role.