Buyer Project Procurement


  • To prepare the Expediting and Logistics Plan in conjunction with Section Head (SH), Senior Buyer (SB) and Project Manager (PM) for inclusion in the PC (Procurement Calendar)
  • To participate, in pre-award / bid clarification meetings with Suppliers when applicable
  • To process all Demands in the Demand Portal in order for the Purchase Order to be placed
  • To request quotes for all no-part Items and check best commercial price against requested delivery date
  • To develop, maintain and distribute the Demand Portal Status Report
  • To expedite and ensure timely receipt of Supplier documentation
  • To monitor the follow up by Supplier’s expediting activities towards sub-suppliers
  • To expedite material as required per the Purchase Order in order to meet contractual agreed delivery dates
  • To expedite, review, assess and distribute Supplier Progress Reports and production schedules if applicable
  • To review, discuss and establish all possible measures, with relevant parties, to recover/minimize delays back based on best possible priority schedules
  • To expedite Supplier and Boskalis Subsea Cables disciplines on all outstanding action points / queries such as mentioned in minutes of meetings, expediting- and inspection reports
  • To do field expediting visits where required in conjunction with SH & PM
  • To expedite and monitor timely submittal of Supplier inspection requests, based on approved Inspection Test Plans if applicable
  • To assist the Project Site Manager with receipt of materials on site location(s) with a minimum of all Mobilizations and De-mobilization
  • To organize all delivered materials and applicable Certificates purchased and/or stock within the Demand Portal.
  • To handle all demands locally for a quick handling during the mobilization in order to avoid extra delays and therefore additional costs
  • To keep track of all rentals and to be returned materials from all Vessels during de-mobilization.
  • To check all materials manifest on the site location prior to return to the Company's Warehouse in Vlaardingen of all large demobilization
  • To submit shipping instructions to Suppliers and the Company's Warehouse Vlaardingen
  • To prepare and co-ordinate relevant transport and shipping activities, incl. issue of Transport Orders to the company's Warehouse Vlaardingen and/or Mobilization department and preparation of required export documentation
  • To coordinate and agree with the Project selected local Customs Agent the required documentation and way of working
  • To expedite receipt of Material Receiving Reports and Over/Short and Damage reports from site and take corrective actions with Suppliers and/or Forwarders if required
  • To report and advise Project team on a frequent basis about project Expediting/Inspection and Transport highlights/events


  • At least 2 years relevant work experience
  • Basic knowledge of procurement and logistical processes
  • Good command of English (written and spoken)
  • Basic skills in ICT Office applications and ERP systems

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