Bluewater Energy Services

Since its foundation in 1978, Bluewater has built a technological lead specialising in design, development, lease and operation of tanker‐ based production and storage systems, and has become a leading provider of innovative Single Point Mooring systems.

Our FPSO fleet
Presently Bluewater owns and operates several FPSOs for our clients through a leasing construction. The vessels are designed to high specification and to operate in the harshest environmental conditions, under the most stringent regulatory regimes. The experience gained by these projects enables Bluewater to design, build and operate FPSOs fit for purpose at any location in the world.

Mooring systems
Bluewater has developed some of the most innovative Single Point Mooring (SPM) systems in service from Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring (CALM) Buoys, to Turret Mooring and Tower systems featuring multiple risers. Each system has its own characteristics and fields of application.

Text and photo: courtesy of Bluewater